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Subject: Extremely Limited Time Offer
Approved By: Gary Ambrose
Approval Date: July, 24th 2004

Dear Skeptical Marketer,

Alright, I'm going to give it to you straight ...

We're still a growing company, and we entered the autoresponder business long after a few of our biggest competitors.

We are absolutely sure that our service is as good, or better than any other autoresponder out there, and we're willing to prove it!

For a very limited time, in order to generate some buzz about our service we're going to let a few people try us out for free. This isn't free for a week, or free for a month - we're not asking for a credit card number either, try our service absolutely free.

All we ask in return are two things.

First, if you're going to use our service we would ask that you let a few people know about us. Please don't let them know about the free option though, because if they join under your affiliate link, you'll get paid as long as they're a member with us. This is a GREAT way to start earning a recurring monthly income on a service that was designed to lock in long-term customers.

Second, if your list grows using our service, you'll at least think about upgrading your account to paid account. We're not requiring it, but we sure would appreciate it ;-)

That's it! So, now the decision is yours. In a matter of minutes you can have access to all the powerful tools Email Aces has to offer if you'll just give us a try - sound fair?

I will warn you though, this offer isn't going to last forever. We're doing this for one reason only, to generate some buzz, and once that's accomplished, this option will disappear.

If you're ready to sign-up, and start building your list with the most powerful, email marketing tools available anywhere, just click the image below and you'll be using your Email Aces account in minutes.

Sign Up Now For Instant Access!
click here to get instant free access to email aces

Gary Ambrose

P.S.  Please - Do not share this page with others! We're reserving this offer only for those of you who were savvy enough to find it, and expressed at least enough interest to click the link you followed here. This offer isn't being promoted anywhere, and we'd like to keep it that way ...

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